May 07, 2012

Dead Island: Something is Wrong

There is something wrong with the game Dead Island.  It's not the story or the game premise.  It's not the idea. It's the execution.  Too many little issues with the execution that bugs me and I'm not talking about the bugs.

  • Re-spawning zombies: this takes away from the immersion aspect.  If I walk into a bungalow and slaughter whatever zombies are in there and then I go back a few minutes later, I should not find them back to where they were in the beginning.  Also, I had a great panic when several of them came streaming down the stairs from all directions.  I got through it only to find when I pass that same area a short while later, they are back.  That really takes so much away.  Same with having to run over them over and over again.  At the very least, take the bodies away but don't make them come back!
  • But, the bodies also disappear, making it hard to recognize areas you've been in before.  This would have been super useful for again, immersion.
  • The "Thug" zombies are just nonsense.  There's a repetitive nature to it, which again, takes away from the immersion.
  • Your character pleading with you not to let them die is kinda corny.
  • The game feels unfinished.  Even AA is missing altogether.

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